2020 Cards for COVID-19 frontline workers community arts project, Perth.

In March 2020 in response to the shutting down of art classes due to COVID lockdowns, Sue initiated painting cards for the COVID health care worker's project. It allowed students and groups (EPAP), Tresillian Arts Centre and Beaufort Community Centre to be connected and focused during an isolating time. With support from artists/students, 277 cards were hand-painted with messages of gratitude. All cards were bundled and distributed to the COVID-19 clinics in Perth. 

Painting demonstrations of many of these cards are available on YouTube.

266 cards for COVID workers project
Cards for COVID workers at Sir Charles G

Australian Artist

July Edition, 2019

Publication 421 (pp. 20-27)

From Sketchbook To Studio Painting editorial demonstrating how to use your sketchbook to develop paintings.

Australian Artist2.jpg
Australian Artist.jpg

Australian Artist

September Edition, 2018

Publication 411 (pp. 40-45)

Perth's Swan River Wetlands Tonally editorial featuring a step by step demonstration of Swan river wetlands.

Editorial September2018.jpg
Editorial September 2018 1.jpg

Australian Artist

April Edition, 2018

Publication 406 (pp. 26-33)

Sue has a publication in Australia Artist's April 2018 Edition on painting interiors using wet-into-wet technique. This features a step-by-step demonstration for a painting titled Breakfast in Subi.


Menaggio, 2018

Alessandria, 2016, p. 140

Milan, 2014, p. 131

Exhibition catalogue for the Italian Watercolour Society AIA International Exhibition.